Data Integrity

All data and slot insights in KaPloint come directly from the casino's slot system with their consent.  KaPloint only does business with casinos of high integrity that operate in legal gaming justifications and exhibit exemplary regulator and compliance practices.  The slot machines, and their regulated components, have been tested by approved independent testing laboratories to ensure compliance in the jurisdiction they reside. The same is true of the slot accounting systems from which KaPloint receives its data. This should give confidence that the information being displayed is of the highest integrity.

From time to time, data errors and run-away slot meters occur. These rare events do not affect the integrity of the games or the player's playing experience. Such events only affect the data that is viewed in KaPloint. When this occurs and is flagged, a caution symbol will appear in-app letting the player know that that insight, or data point, is experiencing a data error that is being worked on to be resolved.

KaPloint is a pioneer in gaming. No other company in the world has provided full slot transparency like KaPloint. Our innovative patent-pending technology is challenging current gaming systems. As such, we are blazing new ground to give you, the player, real-time data that is accurate for each user, insight and timeframe selected.  With any new technology as innovative as KaPloint, there are bound to be hiccups and unforeseen issues from time to time as we engage with legacy systems.  Be assured that we always working to improve data integrity and performance.

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