App Features

  • Get total transparency for all slot machines on the floor

  • Get real-time* slot performance data

  • Access to 10 Hot Slot Insights for every machine on the floor. These are insights that players have told us they would like to know before playing slots at a casino.

  • Sort, filter, search, tag, track, locate, view, and compare every slot machine on the floor.


  • $ Won – Total amount of money won (paid out), irrespective of money paid in

  • # Spins – Total number of spins

  • $ Win per Spin – Average amount of money won (paid out) per spin.

  • % Winning Spins - % of spins that won (paid out) money

  • $ Jackpots – Total amount of money won from hand pay jackpots

  • # Jackpots – Total number of jackpots that were won

  • $ Played – Total money played

  • % Return to Player - % of money won (paid out) divided by the money played.  This is also referred to as RTP (Return to Player) or POP (Payout to Player)

  • Sleeper Slots – Slots that have a relatively high % Return to Players (RTP) with relatively few spins relative to other slots on the floor.

  • Volatility

    • High Volatility Slots - Relatively high % Return to Player (RTP) and relatively low % winning spins.  In short, they don’t win as much, but when they do they pay big.

    • Low Volatility Slots - Relatively low % Return to Player (RTP) and relatively low % Winning Spins.  In short, they win a lot but not as much.  They are sometimes referred to as “low and slow” as they allow the players nickels to last longer.

Other Features

  • Choose to see your 10 insights for 7 timeframes – 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, 30 days, and Since Last Jackpot (SLJ)

  • Tag your favorite slots and compare their performance

  • Track your play

  • See a heat map of the slot floor showing every machine color-coded from “Hot” to “Not”

  • Search for your favorite slot or do a keyword search and locate your search results on the map

  • See a list of every slot machine on the floor ranked from “Hot” to “Not” for each of the 10 Hot Slot Insights.

  • Compare all 10 insights for each machine

  • See a detailed slot performance graph on every machine on the floor for each of the 10 insights

  • Track yourself and others on the leaderboard

  • Get a randomly generated player alias that is assigned to every player. You can autogenerate a new alias at any time. You can also keep your KaPloint alias private.

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