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KaPloint is a revolutionary mobile web app for slot players that gives them real-time slot performance data for every slot machine on the gaming floor. It is an app that you can use on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Knowledge is power for those who love playing slots. KaPloint gives players the edge by putting incredible slot insights at their fingertips. To learn more about this game-changing technology, click App Features and view the How-To Videos.

For casinos, KaPloint builds trust with the player. By democratizing slot data and providing total slot transparency to players thru our patent-pending app, casinos earn player loyalty. That loyalty leads to new customers, more visits, and more fun for everyone! To learn more, click Where do we get our slot data? and Why do casinos share their slot data?


KaPloint, Inc., is an independently owned and operated company with no ownership interest from any casino or its owners.  

KaPloint was founded in 2020 by professor and entrepreneur, Grant Stousland. Before creating KaPloint and making slot transparency his mission, Mr. Stousland made history in the casino gaming industry with Gaming Informatics (GI). GI was a technology company that brought to market IRIS® – a first-in-class Integrated Regulatory Information System for casinos and casino regulators in the United States. GI was acquired in 2016 by the ownership of GLI, the largest independent testing laboratory in the world. Today, IRIS®, by Kobetron®, continues to work behind the scenes to help ensure that the slot machines you play comply with tribal, state, and federal regulations.  In doing so, it helps to ensure fair play for the consumer. 

It is no surprise that it took an innovator who helped create and bring to market the casino industry’s first integrated regulator information system, a technology that helps protect the consumer, to embark on the audacious goal of creating a technology company that shares real-time slot performance data with players.  KaPloint, and its affiliate casinos, provide players with the slot transparency they have wanted since the invention of the slot machine in 1894.

Why Do Casinos Share Their Slot Data?

Players, the public, investors, and gaming industry veterans often ask us, “Why are casinos allowing access to their slot data? What incentive do they have to share their slot data with the players?"

The answer is straightforward: Social Responsibility and Player Loyalty.

Where Do We Get Our Slot Data?

A common question asked is, where does KaPloint get its data?  KaPloint receives its data, by agreement, directly from the casino. KaPloint could not provide players with slot transparency if it was not for our affiliate casinos who provide us with a one-way feed of their slot data one-way feed of slot data from their slot accounting system. To all our innovative casino affiliates, who have agreed to democratize their slot data, we applaud you for listening to your players and truly putting them first; and making a bold statement in the casino industry. A statement that is changing the way players think about and play slot machines, and the way casinos are thinking about customer loyalty, continuity, and how to make slot play more fun!

Social Responsibility:

We live in a world of data democratization. In today’s technologically advanced world, we get information that was previously unthinkable. We get our healthcare records, and lab results, and chat with physicians in an app. We get updates on exactly where our package is and when it will be delivered.  We get stock results on our phones. We get real-time personal health and performance data on our FitBit® and Apple Watch®. If businesses have data to share that can help consumers gain more knowledge and autonomy to improve their quality of life and entertainment, they are doing it. They are doing it because it is good for business, builds trust with their players, and creates an enhanced gaming experience.


Slot machines results are randomly generated and not even the casino knows what the next spin will return. With KaPloint’s patent-pending app, players can see each machine’s recent performance, insights, and trends to help them make an informed decision about what machines to play. Sharing slot data with players also means that players can search, tag, and track their favorite slots and their play from almost anywhere. Users can plan their play from home, see if anyone won a jackpot before they play at the casino, and see if anyone won on their favorite machine after they leave. They can even see themselves on the leaderboard. All of this, and more, translates to more fun playing slots. More fun means more customers more often.

Player Loyalty:

When KaPloint was being developed, our player focus groups were asked many questions. One of those questions was, “If you have three casinos to choose from, and one is on the KaPloint app, which will you go to first? 100% said they would go to the KaPloint casino first.  

For casinos, being a KaPloint Affiliate means more new customers, and regular customers will visit and play more often.  All of this translates to an increase in player loyalty and more entertainment and fun for players. What is good for players is good for casinos.  When players GET THE EDGE!, casinos GET THE EDGE!

Data Integrity & Compliance

The data accessible to players in the KaPloint app is real-time.*  It comes from the casino’s slot accounting system. This is an independently tested system that is certified to comply with gaming regulations in their respective jurisdictions – tribal or state. 100% of the slot machines in any KaPloint affiliate casino are regulated by both tribal and the state gaming regulatory authorities, where applicable. As such, players on KaPloint are assured that the machines they play at any KaPloint affiliate casinos meet state and tribal regulations.

From time to time, data errors and run-away slot meters occur. These rare events do not affect the integrity of the games or playing experience. Such events only affect the data that is viewed in KaPloint. When this occurs, a caution symbol will appear in-app letting the player know that that insight, or data point, is experiencing a data error that is being worked on to be resolved. If you see anything in the app that does not look right, please Contact Us. We want to hear from you. Be assured that we are always working to improve data integrity and performance.

*Real-time is a relative term. KaPloint data is refreshed in the app every 2-5 minutes.  When the app last refreshed is viewable within the app when in List or Map view. This timeframe may vary as it all depends on how fast we can get it to you, as it has to travel from casino to cloud and then onto your phone, tablet, or PC. The strength of data connection and other factors may affect the speed at which fresh data points appear in the app.  We are always trying to improve speed and reliability.

Payout to Player (POP) 

Each slot machine in a KaPloint affiliate casino has been tested to ensure that it produces randomly generated results that payout in compliance with the state's casino gaming regulations. For example, slot machines at tribal casinos in the state of Wisconsin are tested to produce randomly generated results that payout at least 80% of the monies it takes in during their life cycle, per the Wisconsin Department of Gaming. This percentage is commonly known as POP or % Return to Player (RTP). Note: slot machines in the bars and taverns in Wisconsin are not regulated. Casinos in Wisconsin, for example, can set their slot machines to pay out more than 80% to players, but not less than that. In KaPloint, % Return to Player (RTP) is always visible for players to view from the last hour to the last 30 days.

Ethics and Responsible Gaming

KaPloint only works with trusted casinos that exhibit sound regulator and compliance practices and promote responsible gaming behavior.

Responsible Gambling Resources:  

• National Council on Problem Gambling 

• Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling

Is KaPloint Legal?

KaPloint is completely legal.


We understand the skepticism as casinos have traditionally kept gaming activities closely guarded. Casinos share their data by agreement with KaPloint because it enhances the player experience and is good for business. There is no catch. You can search, track, sort, filter, and compare all machines on the floor. You can also tag your favorites and track your play from home, before or after your visit, on vacation, or while at the casino. KaPloint is making history in gaming, and of course, it is legal.

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